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Lindy S. Klepack

Lindy S. Klepack

Vice President – Operations Manager

Lindy has been in the insurance business for over 35 years. She began her insurance career with AAA Insurance Company in 1976, and moved to underwriting for a national insurance carrier, before joining the independent insurance agency system. Although she has experience in life, health, and commercial insurance, her primary focus is personal insurance. Lindy joined Motor State Agency in 1985, which was acquired by the Ralph C. Wilson Agency. Lindy began as a customer service representative, was promoted to Personal Lines Manager in 1986, and later to Vice President & Operations Manager.

Lindy has extensive experience in client service, and specializes in providing innovative solutions to unique client needs. In conjunction with the Ralph C. Wilson Agency service team, she provides support and assistance in developing, coordinating, and implementing cost-effective solutions for our personal clients.

Lindy is responsible for overseeing personal insurance, claims, technology and internal operations.

Lindy holds a license in property and casualty insurance. In addition, she has served on advisory boards for insurance carriers.